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We supported SLIM JIM PHANTOM of The Stray Cats

Well, we did it! Were you there? The Kopy Katz are supported The Stray Cats legendary drummer, Slim Jim Phantom at Waltham Abbey Town Hall on Sunday 21 August 2022.

The Kopy Katz & Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats

It was an amazing night with the added pressure of Slim Jim’s band, who included Darrel Higham on guitar, were using our PA. We had to bring in our own soundman, Kopy Katz favourite and total legend, Jason Bangers.

We opened the night around 8pm and played for a good hour. We were originally asked NOT to play any Stray Cat songs which seemed reasonable but on the night Slim Jim said he didn’t mind if we did. He is such a lovely bloke.

In the end, this is the only show we have ever done where we haven’t played any Stray Cats songs. We did some of our originals, 1950’s rockers and some other stuff that we love to throw in.

Slim Jim’s show was just over an hour and went down a storm to a packed house that was sold out.

At the end of the evening Slim Jim signed posters for us as well as a drum for Lee and even gave him his sticks.

Everyone went home happy, especially us.

Tickets are on sale now for The Kopy Katz Christmas show at Waltham Abbey Town Hall. Get yours online here


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