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Lee has left the band, but he will be back soon

Lee Symonds, our drummer and co-founder has vacated his drummer’s stool for a few months. He’s had a few health problems of late so he is going to focus on getting better away from the mayhem of the band. We wish you a speedy recovery and return buddy.

His corner has been filled by Len Davy, who we first met at our gig at the Hertford Corn Exchange last year. We welcome Len aboard who has a mammoth task of learning our set in a week before his first gig with us a couple of weeks ago. Then a few days later he was with us supporting Stray Cat legend Slim Jim Phantom. To say he way overwhelmed would be a understatement. But he rose to the challenge and we haven’t had to cancel any shows this summer.

See you on the road this summer. Check out our live dates here >


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