Our first original song coming soon

Big news for us! We have written and recorded our first original song called The Kopy Katz Suck.

It will be released across all major download and streaming platforms on 07 April 2021.

What a strange title I hear you say. Gotta agree. When you hear it and read the lyrics it will make more sense. For now let’s just say it’s about The Kopy Katz out on the fringes of the rockin’ scene with their own unique sound. We are somewhat of a Marmite band. We have a bunch wonderful people that follow us and come to our gigs. In fact we have nearly 10,000 followers across our social channels and nearly 100,000 YouTube views.

But not everyone like what we do and that’s cool. As Elvis said, there’s room for everybody. So this song is about the people that like and follow us and the people that don’t. In fact we actually name many followers that regularly attend our gigs in the lyrics of The Kopy Katz Suck.

We really hope that our followers will all join in the chorus at our live gigs and sing to us “The Kopy Katz Suck”. That would be hilarious.

Take care friends.


The Kopy Katz

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