Rockabilly Rarities interview The Kopy Katz

The website Rockabilly Rarities recently asked us for an interview. Well you don’t have to ask twice and we willingly obliged. Today, they published this insightful little interview.

Read our interview here

Rockabilly Rarities interview The Kopy Katz May 2021

Rockabilly Rarities is a great little specialist website covering music, interviews, cars, guitars and events.

The Kopy Katz Suck

Last month, Rockabilly Rarities also reviewed our new single The Kopy Katz Suck. We’ve reproduced the review below…

“The Kopy Katz Suck” is the debut single from none other than UK rockabilly trio The Kopy Katz.

Typically the three-piece band has stuck to reworking popular rock standards but they deliver a straight up thumpin’ original that holds its own in their live sets comprised primarily of hits from legendary rockabilly heavyweights like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, and the Stray Cats.

The band is made up of David Lyall (vocals & guitar), Lee Rocker (drums) & Carl James-Cordean (double bass)

Overall, we love the thumping bass driven backing rhythm that keeps this track humming along at a nice and easy pace that gets hips moving and drinks flowing early on in the evening.

The Kopy Katz are a tight band that incorporate crisp and clean guitar licks while maintaining a gritty vibe that skirts the line between classic rockabilly and overdriven 70s rock; a nice place to occupy in our opinion!

We would definitely recommend giving The Kopy Katz a few minutes of headphone time, you won’t be disappointed."

Reviewed by: Brandon Anderson (Rockabilly Rarities/B.A. Charles) April 2021

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