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New Live Album LOUD & DIRTY – Download Free!

Loud & Dirty is a 20-track live 'bootleg' album by The Kopy Katz and FREE TO DOWNLOAD now!

It’s an audience recording that captures the raw sound of The Kopy Katz on-stage mix. It’s a wild, high-octane rockabilly riot recorded @ The Bull, Colchester Nov 2018.

Listen & download free here:


  1. Stray Cat Strut

  2. Jeepster

  3. Rockabilly Boogie

  4. Black Cat Bone

  5. Summertime Blues

  6. Bad Things

  7. Rock on the Moon

  8. Rock This Joint

  9. Something Else

  10. Gone

  11. Blue Suede Night

  12. Rock This Town

  13. Nine Lives

  14. All Over Now

  15. We Love to Boogie

  16. Please Don’t Touch

  17. Burning Love

  18. Runaway Boys

  19. Hot Love

  20. Tear It Up

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