Buzz Campbell - Crazy When She Drinks

OK, so we love The Stray Cats and that includes bass player Lee Rocker. Lee is a great solo artist too and has his own band and the guitar player in that band is the legendary Buzz Campbell (since 2004).

Buzz too is a solo artist in his own right and has a rockin’ rockabilly band called Hot Rod Lincoln.

One track written and recorded by Buzz is Crazy When She Drinks which was also recorded by Lee Rocker (with Buzz on guitar of course).

The Kopy Katz cover this song and it’s one our favourite to play live. We posted a live video on Facebook and Buzz shared it and left a lovely message too where he said “This is great. Love your version…”

The Kopy Katz are humbled. Thanks Buzz!

To read more about us buying Buzz' leopard jacket that he refers to read more here >

Here are three live videos of Crazy When She Drinks by Buzz Campbell, Lee Rocker & The Kopy Katz. Enjoy this great song...

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